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I recently had a breast augmentation surgery and I just want to thank all persona team, I still can’t believe how well I’m doing, I’m 5 days post op now. No pain at all and I’m not on pain killers. I stopped them at day 3 post op. I was terrified at first, but everyone was so reassuring and they took the time to explain the whole procedure to me from the nurse to the anesthetic to the surgeon. I went in the theater, I laid down and the only thing I remember was the nurse telling me to think happy thoughts. before I knew it I was out, I meant literally seconds. I felt nothing at all, I woke up, I wasn’t in pain really just a bit of pressure on my chest, I was up laughing a few minutes after I woke, I ate and I was released shortly after. I had such an easy recovery. I am so great full to all persona team, and to nurse C. Who was very helpful and on call 24h if needed and especially to the surgeon Mr Duncan Aquilina. he did such an amazing job, he is a brilliant surgeon and I highly recommend him.

I would definitely go back to him in future if needed.

So again, thank you to all persona team for such a positive experience, I’m so pleased with my results. Best clinic on the Maltese islands.* – April 2015