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Beast Augmentation Size

Breast Clinic at Persona

Beast Augmentation Size


October, being recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, provides the perfect opportunity for us to announce the opening of our new Breast Clinic and to focus on breast cancer and its impact on those affected by the disease. Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among women (excluding skin cancer). Survival rates however, continue to improve with 84 out of every 100 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer now surviving five or more years beyond diagnosis.


Regular check-ups and screening tests can find breast cancer at an earlier stage, when treatment works best. The most important action women can take is to have routine breast cancer screenings. Apart from breast screenings, our consultant surgeon performs a complete range of non-cosmetic breast surgery from lumpectomy to mastectomy, especially pertaining to the evaluation and diagnosis, of breast cancer.


Consultation and examination take place in quiet, private surroundings where the doctor can give each patient the individual attention she needs. Visits are unhurried and give attention to the medical findings and options as well as the patient’s emotional needs.


For further information, contact Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre on 21340366 or info@persona.com.mt