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Dramatically Reduce Stretch Marks



Thought stretch marks were there for life? Nothing you can do about it? Think you have to live with those marks on your legs or belly? Think again. At Persona we offer state of the art laser technology to visibly reduce your stretch marks and improve your skin texture.


Stretch marks affect both men and women, and even though they don’t pose any medical risk, they can severely damage someone’s self confidence. Don’t let your stretch marks get in the way of going to the beach, because at Persona we offer Cynosure Affirm Laser technology to dramatically reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.


There are tons of creams available, but they rarely work. The problem with topical solutions is that they can’t penetrate deep into the skin tissue to repair any damage, At Persona we use Cynosure Affirm laser technology to boost your skins collagen to make your stretch marks a lot less visible.


The Affirm Laser Treatment uses two different frequencies of laser, to boost the body’s natural collagen production and to flatten the stretch marks. The first laser frequency used will stimulate your collagen production to improve stretch marks from the inside out. The second laser will remove a very fine layer of the damaged skin, allowing a new, firmer and healthier coloured skin to appear. Affirm Laser is a non-invasive, walk in walk out series of treatments, which can be done during your lunch break.


You are expected to see the first results of your treatment after 30 days. Your results will continue to improve for up to six months after your last treatment. Contact Persona for a detailed consultation with our experienced and internationally trained specialist.