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Keep Excessive Perspiration Under Control

Excessive Sweating“Breaking a sweat” is great when it comes to working out, but it’s far less pleasing when you’re trying not to. Excessive perspiration, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a common problem for men and women alike and it can cause a number of inconveniences affecting not only social and professional interactions but it can also be the cause of various skin conditions. The good news though, is that hyperhidrosis can be effectively controlled.

Perspiration is needed because it cools off our bodies, it maintains salt levels and most importantly helps remove toxins from the body. Sometimes, however, perspiration can be excessive and the amount of sweat exceeds the required level for your system to adequately cool off the body.

Palms & Soles

Iontophoresis is a proven effective treatment for hyperhidrosis in the palms and soles with the use of micro-electrical stimulation. It is used extensively in hospitals and clinics worldwide and its success rate is very high. It is a very safe and painless treatment. The treatment consists of 7 sessions, which are done following a specific protocol, for the treatment to be highly effective. After a few sessions, perspiration of the treated areas is ‘turned off’ and the effects are long lasting. The price of this procedure is €175 for 1 pair (palms or soles) & €220 for both pairs (palms & soles).


Botox is a safe, effective and long-term solution for treatment of hyperhidrosis of the underarms. This treatment helps control the symptoms of severe underarms perspiration by temporarily blocking the chemical signal that induces perspiration. When the sweat glands from the treated area don’t receive these chemical signals, the severe perspiration stops. The procedure normally takes less than 30 minutes, discomfort is minimal and the full effect occurs within 7 days with lasting results of up 12 months.

Both treatments are safe and medically proven to be effective without interfering with the needed level of the cooling function of your body. These hyperhidrosis treatments are prescribed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons and are available at Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre, Ta’Xbiex.