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Visia In Depth Skin Analysis

Visia In-Depth Skin Analysis

Visia In Depth Skin Analysis


Prevention is the best cure, and that saying couldn’t apply more to your skin. Since it’s always better to prevent than repair skin damages, it’s important to take preventive measures in protecting your skin. At Persona we have qualified dermatologist and dermatology nurses who can advise you on either preventive or repairing skin care products and treatments.


Since only the most advanced damage is visible to the naked eye, you won’t be able to see any skin issues until they are in the latest stage. A professional In-Depth Skin Analyses with Visia® equipment can detect any damage early on, damage that isn’t yet visible to the naked eye and is thus, easier to correct. This way, you can take preventative measures to avoid your skin issues to become more serious and visible.


The Visia® In-Depth Skin Analysis uses IntelliFlash® cross-polarized lighting and UV lighting to record and measure any surface and subsurface skin conditions. This is the most state of the art technology available today to show sun damage. It will even detect the sun damage that is not yet visible to the naked eye on the surface of your skin. The Canfield’s RBX® Technology will give a coloured visualisation of other skin conditions such as spider veins, hyper pigmentation, rosacea and acne.


All your image results are showing any damage or conditions of the skin clearly and understandably, and the results from the analysis will be a great reference for future analysis. This way you can compare if the actions you took helped, and how fast damage or other conditions might be developing. With regular analysis you will always be on top of any developing issues, allowing you to act fast and before any signs of problems will start showing on your skin’s surface.