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Add Sparkles to your Shine

Explore our selected offers and services for September.


Embrace a newfound sense of vitality, where your facial expressions remain, but the subtle signs of ageing take a graceful step back. Our dedicated team is poised to assist you in achieving a rejuvenated visage, whether it’s those forehead tales, laughter’s imprints, or any other character lines you’d like to soften.  

Experience the transformation this September with our exclusive Botox offering, available at an exceptional price of €225!

botox malta
lip fillers malta

Lip Fillers

Among patient preferences, the lips take a front seat as one of the most sought-after areas for filler injections.  

With hyaluronic acid fillers, medical practitioners have the freedom to fully tailor each patient’s lip filler experience whether it involves refining lip contours, addressing asymmetry, harmonising proportions, reinstating lost volume, or even infusing a touch of hydration to effortlessly smooth subtle imperfections like fine cracks.

4D Sculpt Face & Neck “Lifts”

The 4D-Sculpt Face and Neck Lift is ideal for those seeking to rejuvenate and firm up areas such as the neck, around the eyes, and the face, all without the need for surgery.

Using Tri-polar Radio Frequency, the 4D-Sculpt system specifically focuses on collagen fibres to enhance skin firmness and tightness, while the vacuum component encourages improved lymphatic drainage to reduce sagging, resulting in a more youthful overall appearance. 


4D Sculpt
laser hair removal malta

Laser Hair Removal

Flaunt smoothness with our Brazilian/Bikini & Underarms Summer23 laser hair removal package, priced at just €45!

Our cutting-edge laser technology guarantees a sleek outcome, freeing you from the tedium of frequent shaving and waxing. Sessions purchased now are valid for 12 months! 

Allurion Weight-Loss Programme

As summer draws to a close, it presents an ideal moment for you to reset, rediscover your routine and focus on your health and wellness goals. 

Embarking on the Allurion Weight-Loss Programme offers an excellent chance to provide your body with the boost it requires as you strive for a healthier version of yourself.

The benefits of the programme go beyond the numbers on the scales, from behaviour change techniques to lifelong nutrition knowledge. Recognising all the progress you have made on and off the scales is a habit that can help support lasting weight loss! 

GU Clinic Malta

GU Clinic

Prioritising sexual health involves early detection of sexually transmitted infections. Regular screenings are key, offering the opportunity for timely treatment and peace of mind. 

Persona provides thorough GU specialist clinic consultations and a variety of cost-effective STI test panels. Your privacy is our priority, and our confidential, professional environment is tailored to ensure your comfort.

Take control of your health today! 

SkinCeuticals Facials

Science + Skincare = Unbeatable results!
SkinCeuticals’ advanced professional Facials are tailored to target YOUR unique skin concerns, leaving you with a radiant glow!
Book your very own SkinCeuticals professional facial experience and reap the benefits of a fantastic 15% OFF on all Facials purchased throughout September!

SkinCeuticals’ Products

Boost your daily skincare routine with a SkinCeuticals Antioxidant (AOX) and SkinCeuticals sunscreen!  

Double Protect your skin against the damaging effects of the exposome, including harmful UV rays and pollution, with powerful AOX formulations. When paired with protective SkinCeuticals sunscreens, you’ll significantly boost your skin’s resistance to premature ageing.    

Enjoy a 15% discount when you purchase any SkinCeuticals Antioxidant product alongside a SkinCeuticals Sunscreen! 

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