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I had struggled with my weight for years and done a series of Yo-Yo diets that would work but then inevitably fail. My self image and self esteem were definitely affected by my weight but has really improved since doing the Allurion Programme.

I opted for the Allurion Gastric Balloon at Persona because I had heard that they’re very good and the price for this particular procedure was also the best one I found on the island. The results certainly met my expectations and I feel like I now have the knowledge to continue this journey on my own. My experience taught me self control as well as the importance of really being careful about what I out in to my body.
BMI before placement was 46.8
BMI after placement 40
Starting weight 115.4kgs

End weight 98.7kgs

Lost 16.7kgs

My favourite thing about Persona was the level of service that they offered. Everyone from the receptionists to the doctors, nurses and the dietician was lovely and the support after the procedure was great.
I would definitely recommend Persona.