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NEW 2016 SkinCeuticals Products

Early in April, Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre hosted a range of events around SkinCeuticals’ 2016 new product launches, kicking off with a seminar and training day for staff members lead by Ms Jennifer Bedran, SkinCeuticals’ Skin Education Expert, and closing with a Launch Party for VIP clients.


Traditionally, aesthetic medicine has only addressed surface imperfections in the skin, without targeting the cause. But together with SkinCeuticals, Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre takes a 360 degree medical approach to help support skin repair and healing. To complement this approach SkinCeuticals introduced an innovative “lunch-break” Gel Peel treatment alongside several new homecare products, including Metacell Renewal B3 and Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2.


Dedicated to integrated skincare, SkinCeuticals complements powerful state-of-the-art medical procedures with premium products, to help patients achieve optimal skin health and anti-aging benefits. With a focus on providing a superior experience, clinical procedures are combined with homecare products for comprehensive correction and maintenance of results.


Ms Jennifer Bedran joined the SkinCeuticals specialists at Persona to educate their front-office staff on the new products, and how they integrate optimally with SkinCeuticals’ revolutionary range of skincare products. Besides product presentations, the staff was given the opportunity to acquire some hands-on experience through workshops and live demonstrations.


On Friday evening Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre hosted the official Launch Party for the new 2016 SkinCeuticals products. Industry experts, members of the media and VIP guests gathered for an informal evening full of educational talks, personalized skincare advice and a demo of the new Gel Peel, given by Ms. Jennifer Bedran supported by Persona’s skincare professionals. The event was characterized by a strong focus on the understanding of skin-aging, and on how integrated professional skincare can contribute to minimizing the effects of aging skin.