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October Offers

The days are starting to get shorter, the summer sunshine a little less strong, and you might already be packing up your shorts and tank tops for the season. While this may be a sad time for sun-lovers, it also presents us with opportunities to treat those areas that were no-go’s over the summer months. Find out how this change of season is the perfect time for numerous aesthetic treatments!

Laser Hair Removal

Start planning a hair-free 2020. Get our popular Laser Card for just €399 this month. Consultation and Test Patch with our experienced Laser Specialists are free this month.

Laser Hair Removal Bundles

15 Minute Sessions

€49 for 1 session

€159 for 4 sessions

€180 for 6 sessions

30 Minute Sessions

€69 for 1 session

€219 for 4 sessions

€299 for 6 sessions

60 Minute Sessions

€129 for 1 session

€299 for 3 sessions

€399 for 5 sessions

Botox & Fillers

Looking for a totally revitalizing make-over? Look no further! Our combo treatments are designed to address common effects of the ageing process including frown lines, fine facial lines, wrinkles and skin folds, while also making dull skin look more radiant.

10% OFF Botox & Fillers Combo treatments

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply on all offers

Post Summer Skin Care

Summer can be hard on your skin, no matter how well you look after it. To minimize sun-damage and to maximize your post-summer glow, our customized skin care procedures can do wonders. Find out for yourself, with 15% OFF both SkinCeuticals Professional Peels and Dermaplaning treatments.

Vein Treatments

With cooler weather on the way, you may be thinking you can finally hide those spider veins under long pants and jeans. However, why not use this cool weather season to pursue treatment that will eliminate those unflattering vessels for good?

Apart from offering FREE consultations with our vein specialists, we offer 15% Off on Laser Vein Treatments!

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