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June Offers

If you’re like most people, you work hard all year to look your best for summer. Sometimes this means putting in extra hours at the gym or adjusting your diet slightly. Other times, it means scheduling an appointment with your aesthetician. Have a look at our June offers that will help get ready for summer from head to toe!

Laser Hair Removal

With swim-suit season approaching rapidly, squeezing in a couple of short laser hair sessions before, can make a big difference.

15 Minute Sessions €49
30 Minute Sessions €69

Cellulite Reduction

Even though for some cellulite is not such a big deal, it can really knock the confidence out of many other women. Of course, cellulite is perfectly natural and if you choose not to treat it, all power to you, but if you do want to reduce the appearance of so-called “orange peel skin”, we’re here to help.

Book a full SmoothShapes course of 8 sessions for just €299 and be ready before summer shut-downs!

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply on all offers

Radio Frequency Treatments

Radio Frequency (RF) treatments tighten lax, and sagging skin on the face and body, non-invasively, and with no downtime. Jennifer Aniston credits them with keeping her skin “lifted”, but radio frequency treatments can also firm body contours – both immediately and over time.

This June RF Body Treatments are at 15% off.

Botox & Fillers

Everyone wants stunning summer snaps that they can look back-on for years to come, but are you ready for a close-up? So called liquid facelifts using Botox and Fillers enable you to improve your appearance discreetly without incisions and little to no downtime.

Receive 10% Off on Botox & Fillers, and 15% Off Botox & Filler Combo Treatments.


When excessive sweating is becoming a real problem for you, and anti-perspirants no longer do the trick, both Botox and Iontophoresis are very effective treatments. Botox for underarms is currently on offer for €399 and Iontophoresis for hands & feet starts from just €175 for a full course of 7 sessions.

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