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Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Early In 2014 we proudly opened our second operating theatre. With this, we also expanded our portfolio of services we offer, now including a complete range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries performed by a fully qualified, internationally trained, and experienced plastic surgeon.


At Persona you’ll find Malta’s leading & highly qualified plastic surgeons.


FDA approved products and equipment are used for delivering safe treatments.


Our client satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.


We offer private recovery rooms for maximum personal attention and privacy.


We now provide a wide selection of popular plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty, and much more. Our state-of-the-art facilities cater to all modern-day needs. All our patients receive individual attention and care in a private environment. Patients are taken care of throughout the entire stay by our dedicated medical support team, in a warm and welcoming ambiance.


Smart Lipo
Tummy Tuck
Thigh Lift
Buttock Lift
Arm Lift
Fat Transfer
Vein Surgery
Tattoo Removal




Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast lift
Breast Reconstruction
Nipple Correction

Face & Neck

Lip Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation
Ear Surgery
Face Lift
Neck Lift
Brow lift

Hair Transplant

Plastic Surgery

Patients are taken care of throughout the entire stay by our dedicated medical support team

All You Need to Know

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here you’ll find an overview of common questions regarding specific services.

Breast Surgery

Are breast implants safe?

Yes, even though we do understand your concern. Your surgeon will talk to you in more detail about the breast implants to be used in your procedure. Please rest assured that we only use the most stringently tested products available. All come with our own 10-year warranty against rupture and capsular contracture and the Manufacturers’ 10 Year Warranty for the same.

Is it OK to have a breast uplift with my breast enlargement?

Your surgeon may recommend an uplift to achieve your desired result. This is often the case with breasts that droop and have lost a lot of volume. All women have different needs, and a discussion of your expectations during the consultation, will help you and your surgeon determine which approach will work best for you.


What is the difference between SmartLipo™ and liposuction?

The biggest difference between the two methods of fat removal is that SmartLipo™ uses a high energy laser to emulsify and destroy fat cells. The fat is then drained using a special suction cannula. Traditional liposuction works by inserting a hollow metal cannula into the fat and by applying suction to remove it. Essentially, SmartLipo™ (or Laser Lipo) breaks down the fat using the laser’s heat whilst liposuction is the actual removal of the fat using suction.

What will work best for me?

Both of these methods can be used and can even be used complementarily. Primarily Smartlipo ™ is indicated for small areas of localised fat and is performed using local anaesthetic. Liposuction can remove large volumes of fat from various areas and usually requires general aneasthetic. Our plastic surgeons will discuss the solutions that best meet your needs during your consultation.


Exceptional, state-of-the-art clinic and highly trained and friendly medical staff I recommend to anyone, quality and price that cannot be found elsewhere.

Samuel Testimonial

After having 4 children I had access skin in my abdomen area and this made me be self-conscious of my image. I have done a Lipo Abdoplasty and I came to Persona as I wanted...>

I had some treatment on my face. I was a little concerned as it was on my face but the whole experience from start to finish was painless and extremely professional... Ana big and I...>