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Podology is a specialised area of research that focuses on the feet. As such, if you are currently experiencing issues with your feet that you want further guidance on, it is highly recommended that you engage in a Podology consultation. This can include a range of concerns, such as calluses, hard skin, fungi or trauma.

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If you are thinking about attending a Podology consultation, or want to find out what the process entails, then we will break this down for you below. Let us start by exploring what Podology actually is.

What is Podology?

In a nutshell, a Podologist is somebody that specialises in feet and the lower limbs. Whilst visiting a traditional spa might be able to assist with a range of minor concerns, it is important to remember that such locations are not regulated by a governmental entity. Moreover, those that perform the treatments are often not qualified themselves, at least to the level of a registered Podologist. When you require the services of a Podology expert, they will be able to assist with a plethora of feet and lower limb related issues, including gait analysis.

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A Podology specialist will also be able to diagnose and subsequently treat disorders and diseases linked to the feet. This will be at the highest medical level, which is something that an unqualified Podologist will be unable to do with any certainty.

We should also mention that a Podologist will possess highly advanced pedicuring skills, meaning that they are able to assist with cosmetic concerns, as well as medical. One such example of a patient that may require the services of a Podology expert is somebody that suffers with diabetes. Such individuals often suffer with nail or skin infections, structural disorders or ingrown toenails. This is something that a highly qualified Podologist will not only be able to diagnose, but also treat.

Podology Consultation Malta

Worried about your nails, feet or heels? A podologist is what you need!

What to expect at a Podology consultation?

When you first arrive at the practice for your Podology consultation, you will meet with a qualified Podologist. Initially, you will be given the opportunity to explain the issues that you are currently facing, and what you are hoping to achieve. Once this has been ascertained by the Podology expert, they will then need to perform a basic physical examination.

This will of course centre in and around the feet area, and possibly the lower limbs too. This will allow the Podologist to examine the concern to greater detail.

Once the Podologist has performed the physical examination, they will then have a further discussion with you about the issue in question. This will see them give you a full breakdown of why you are currently experiencing issues with your feet, as well as what options are available to you.

If there is a specific option that can be treated with simple over-the-counter or medically-prescribed medication, then the Podology expert will give you a full explanation of what you need. Alternatively, the Podologist will suggest a range of treatments that you might need to undergo. If this is the case, then the Podology specialist will explain how the treatment works, what risks exist and how much it is likely to cost.

In rarer cases, the Podology expert might not be able to make an instant diagnosis. If this occurs, then the Podologist will need to take a range of samples, of which will be distributed to the lab for further analysis. When the lab has performed the required test, they will send the results back to the Podologist. The results and treatment options will then of course be fed to you as soon as they are received.


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