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The Body Beautiful

Fancy having a cosmetic procedure that remodels your body without having to take time out to recover? With Cynosure’s recent, cutting-edge, FDA-approved SmartLipo MPX it is now possible to have a procedure that not only removes fat, but also tightens the skin by remodelling collagen, without the use of general anaesthetic. SmartLipo MPX, unlike older models, combines two different wavelengths which not only melt fat but also tauten skin tissue, thereby sculpting body contours.

SmartLipo MPX can be used on the inner and outer thighs, the abdomen and hips, male breasts, arms and knees and on the chin area. This procedure is ideal for healthy weight individuals having problematic body areas where fat tends to accumulate, helping to reshape the body and obtain a slimmer, more defined physique. It is also suitable after weight loss, to remove localised areas of fat that respond poorly to dieting and exercise, as well as after traditional liposuction for tightening and smoothing.

Body BeautifulSmartlipo MPX does not require any significant downtime because it is done under local anaesthetic and is minimally invasive in comparison to traditional liposuction. After local anaesthetic, a 1mm-cannula with a laser fibre inside is inserted into a tiny incision and directed into pockets of fat. The cannula, with the tip of the laser fibre pointing out of the end, is then fanned back and forth through the fat, melting any fat cells it comes into contact with. Immediately after the melting stage, the liquefied fat is aspirated. The SmartLipo MPX also comes with a novel, internal temperature sensor that allows the surgeon to use higher temperatures without damaging the skin, for better results and greater safety. When the procedure is over, the patient is given a compression garment that will aid the tightening process that must be worn for four to six weeks. In the days following the procedure the body will continue to eliminate the fat in a natural way. Most patients will see 80 per cent of their final result within one to three months after their procedure. Manual lymphatic drain massage offered in the weeks after the procedure significantly helps the body’s natural process of fat drainage.

Overweight patients are advised to utilise the available weight management services, before considering SmartLipo MPX since it is not targeted for very large areas but for more localised areas of fat. SmartLipo MPX is usually a one-time procedure and prices start from just over €1,000 for a single area. At Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre, SmartLipo MPX is always and only performed by trained and qualified surgeons, to ensure the best possible results whilst ensuring your safety. Persona also offers laser hair removal, Botox® and Restylane® liquid facelifts, vein therapy, laser rejuvenation, acne scar treatment, dermatology services, cellulite reduction, weight management and more… for a truly natural you!