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There were quite a few people interested in finding out about tummy tucks in Malta and asked me to share my experience once I had mine. Yesterday I had mine done at persona clinic. I was awake and chatting away an hour after surgery.  After a couple of hours I was up to the toilet so walking.  The pain has never been unbearable. Actually when I’m in the right position I don’t even notice it. The most discomfort I am feeling is from the binding but that is because it’s tight and secure a bit like wearing a corset all the time, this isn’t painful just uncomfortable. The staff here are amazing (almost gutted to be going home this morning). The surgeon has been to see me 4 times now since the op to check how I was feeling.  I will return to see him in 6 days time to check how I’m going. I will monitor my drains at home and one of the nurses will call me to check how much fluid there is and let me know when one or both need to be removed.

Never watch those youtube videos, they terrified me the thought of the first 3 days being in that amount of pain. Yesterday I was on Facebook, watching all my soaps on film on and scoffing my face.  I’ve been taking paracetamol and neurofen while here,  but they prescribed catafast and panadol while at home as well as antibiotics. I know I picked the right place and right surgeon, can’t wait to sneak a peek under there.*