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liquid facelift. Restylane SubQ 2mls is being offered at

only €395 this October.


Book your 30 minute Hooded Eye Lift treatment for

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New at Persona: Photon Light Therapy

Applications range from treating fine lines and wrinkles,

to normalizing skin tone, to scar reduction.

Why Persona?

Whether you are considering a non-invasive aesthetic treatment or a surgical procedure, choosing a clinic that will meet your expectations should not be taken lightly. Providing our clients with the best care possible has always been one of the cornerstones of our clinic’s philosophy. Our experienced team of medical professionals will provide you with the best available solution using state-of-the-art techniques, equipment, and products, to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Natural looking results are always the prerogative of our medical specialists.

Highest Standards

From medical products to surgical techniques and instruments, we don’t cut corners.


FDA approved products and equipment are used for delivering safe treatments by qualified and experienced medical doctors.


Our client satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.

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Complete Range

Persona offers a full range of aesthetic services so you’ll always know where to go.

The Centre

Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre has been offering a wide variety of safe and effective med-aesthetics procedures since we first opened our doors on 11th March 2010. Our portfolio includes services such as: laser hair removal, dermatology, vein and pigmentation treatments, anti-cellulite and medical massages as well as a wide range of anti-ageing solutions like Anti-Wrinkle Treatments, Hyaluronic Acid based fillers, chemical peels and much more.

Early in 2014, we proudly inaugurated our 2nd operating theatre. With this expansion Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre is now offering a complete range of cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries including breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, vein surgery and much more.

All Persona’s services are offered only by experienced and highly qualified, internationally trained medical specialists using the best technology and the latest techniques in a modern and warm environment.

Treatment Room

Medical Staff

We, at Persona, believe that most aesthetic procedures should be carried out by adequately qualified and experienced medical specialists in the field. Be it laser hair removal, a Botox or filler injection, a Smartlipo or a mole screening, these should only be entrusted to a medical specialist. Also, your Medical History should not be taken lightly, but rather thoroughly examined since underlying conditions might affect not only the choice of treatment but also results and safety. That is why have chosen Medical Doctors to perform Laser Hair Removal, experienced Dermatologists to inspect your skin and Plastic Surgeons to take care of your rejuvenating and cosmetic needs.

Meet our qualified & experienced Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons,
Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists & Nutritionists.

Mr Duncan Aquilina

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon - MD, MRCS (Eng), EBOPRAS

Mr Simon DeGabriele

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon - MD, MRCSEd (Edin), EBOPRAS

Dr Ioannis Papangelopoulos

Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon - General Secretary of Hellenic Society for Hair Transplant

Dr Liam Mercieca

MD, MRCP (Edin.) Specialist in Dermatology

Dr Valeska Padovese

Dermatology and Venereology Consultant - MD

Ms Angela Sultana

Consultant General Surgeon - MD, FRCS (Edin)

Dr Susan Aquilina

Consultant Dermatologist - MD, FRCP (UK)

Dr Charmaine Apap

Specialist in Dermatology - M.D. MRCP(UK) MRCP (Derm.) CCST(Derm.)

Dr Dawn Caruana

Consultant Dermatologist UK

Prof Joseph L. Pace

Professor in Dermatology - MD FRCP (Edin) FRCP (Lond) FAAD FCPP KM  

Dr Michael Boffa

Consultant Dermatologist - MD FRCP MSc

Mr Joseph E. Briffa

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon - MD FRCSEd (Edin), FICS

Dr Robert Cassar

Aesthetic Doctor - M.D MRCPCH

Dr Joanna Ghigo

Obstetrician Gynaecologist and Colposcopist (BSCCP-UK) - MD, MRCOG, CCT (UK)  

Mr Gordon Caruana Dingli

Consultant General and Breast Surgeon - MD FRCS Edin FRCS RCP&S Glasgow

Mr John Cauchi

Operating Theatre Manager

Mr Clyde Bonello

Hair Restoration Specialist

Ms Sharron Neville

Skin Care Specialist

Ms. Alexia Fiorini

Physiotherapist - B. Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy

Mr. Andre Serge Zammit

Podologist - B. Sc. (Hons) UK, SrPod

Ms Christine Busuttil

Nutritionist - BSc Nutrition Therapy Fellow Royal Society of Medicine (UK) Member of British Society of Nutrition Therapists


If you are interested in joining our team send an application letter accompanied by a detailed CV to


At Persona, we always strive to meet and whenever possible even exceed our customer’s expectations. We understand everyone’s needs are unique, therefore individual attention is key to our practice.

*Although many of our clients had very positive results, and our staff always tries to help creating realistic goals, results may vary from person to person.

Read here what some of our clients had to say about us. If you too would like to share your experience with us you can do so at the feedback section on the next page!

I had small breasts and it affected me as a woman; "like not feeling a complete woman". After seeking information and reviews from almost all clinics I chose a breast augmentation at Persona due to the lever of professionality and satisfactory clients that I knew. Results were beyond my expectations. Can't describe how happy I am. Was a lovely experience, no problems at all. Was able to resume normal daily routine in few days. The staff provided me with impeccable service. The surgeon, Dr Aquilina together with J Cauchi approach the client in the most informative way: always available, more

Avatar Unisex

I was self-conscious about wrinkles on my upper lip. After being a client at Persona for many years, Mr Briffa recommended the Affirm Laser for this. To be honest, I did not expect them to be completely gone, however I had imagined the results to be better. The rest of my experience was lovely as usual as I am always offered a very good service.

Avatar Unisex

I had stretchmarks on my tummy which made me quite sad and it affected my mood. After a search on the internet I found Persona and its Affirm Laser treatments. The doctor managed my expectation very well, and explained that the stretchmarks would not be removed completely. However, they are much better than they used to be - I am extremely happy!

Avatar Unisex

Since the age of 11 to the age of 17/18 I suffered from acne which resulted in scars on my forehead & cheeks. To improve my image I opted for Affirm Non Ablative Laser after I was referred to Persona by my friends. Results were quite well. As the doctor previously advised, it is still improving as time goes by. Very happy overall, nothing to complain about.  - July 2018

Avatar Unisex

I lost a lot of weight and had a lot of loose skin on my tummy area as a result. The weight loss also affected my breasts. After a lot of people suggested Dr Duncan Aquilina at Persona, together with him, I opted for a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. I'm very happy with the results, they're even better than what I expected. After both surgeries I had very minimal pain, and felt very comfortable overall. The staff was amazing and made me feel at ease and welcome from day 1. Exceptional service, always there to help, especially more

Avatar Unisex

After two pregnancies my tummy was literally left hanging, this affected both my image and my self esteem. I opted for a tummy tuck and muscle repair at Persona because I heard about their reputation. The results are more than excellent and the procedure went really well, the nurses really took care of me and I felt pampered. I do really recommend Persona, in fact, I already did, since I'm overwhelmed with the results I obtained. While I had many doubts and worries beforehand, I would do it again in the blink of an eye! - October 2017

Avatar Unisex

I was fortunate enough to have access to quality staff and practitioners that went out of their way to make the experience more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the staff was and how dedicated they were at providing me with quality treatment. The clinic was professional, accessible and affordable. It would be a crime not to recommend them.*

Avatar Unisex

Over the years I started to notice deeper lines and loss of definition of my jawline, giving me a sad appearance. After reading so many positive reviews on the internet, I decided to have a combined Face & Neck lift and bilateral eyelid surgery done at Persona. The results were much better than I expected - overall it was a very good experience with very little bruising post-op. The very personal approach, the care and the professionalism made me feel in very good hands.*

Avatar Unisex

My breasts size affected my self-esteem, especially when I needed to choose a tight dress. I chose to have a breast augmentation done at Persona since its a well know, prestigious clinic. They proved to me that this image is accurate and well deserved. The results are better than what I expected! I love my boobs and already recommended going in for a consultation to one of my friends, who is also interested in Persona's services.*

Avatar Unisex

There were quite a few people interested in finding out about tummy tucks in Malta and asked me to share my experience once I had mine. Yesterday I had mine done at persona clinic. I was awake and chatting away an hour after surgery.  After a couple of hours I was up to the toilet so walking.  The pain has never been unbearable. Actually when I'm in the right position I don't even notice it. The most discomfort I am feeling is from the binding but that is because it's tight and secure a bit like wearing a corset more

Avatar Unisex

I had small breasts and felt that my clothing didn't fit and was self conscious of that.  I chose Persona, because it was located in a warm friendly part of the world, where English is spoken, the pricing for my Breast Augmentation was good, and I wanted to spend time recovering and have a holiday at the same time. I am very happy with the results of the procedure, I have now a wonderful bust, clothes fit me well and my confidence has gone up too. On the day of the procedure, with the Op at 9 am, I was met by my patient contact who had been more

Avatar Unisex

I lost a lot of weight and was not happy with the way I looked, especially my breasts. Recently I decided, together with the plastic surgeon, to do a breast lift and breast augmentation. The plastic surgeon was very helpful and accurate when explaining the procedures to me. I love my breasts and they look super natural! I would recommend Persona to everyone who is looking for the best experience. The super friendly staff, the place is super clean and the service after the procedure is very good and efficient. I would like to say a big thank to more

Avatar Unisex

My ears stuck out, it affected my self image as I was always conscious about them since I was very young. I never put my hair up (even in hot weather or training), never wet my hair in public, even swimming. I was told about Persona by a friend, read their reviews online and decided to have an Otoplasty done. My experience for the operating procedure was great, although I found it quite difficult to with the bandages after since they caused some discomfort. I would definitely recommend Persona. They made me feel comfortable, calm and  if I had more

Avatar Unisex

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Persona - I always leave feeling happier and healthier than before. I greatly appreciate the care and professionalism. - April 2016*

Avatar Unisex

The entire procedure was quite fast and apart from an initial discomfort in the first couple of days I could do a perfectly normal life and after one week I can honestly say that whatever small discomfort I felt in the beginning was no longer there. The staff and all the medical team were always helpful and extremely competent so I truly felt I was in good hands. As I had been told from the beginning although some results could be seen right from the first moment this is an ongoing process where the major changes happens in the more

Avatar Unisex

Super service. Professional staff. Highly recommended!* - September 2015

Avatar Unisex

I recently had a breast augmentation surgery and I just want to thank all persona team, I still can't believe how well I'm doing, I'm 5 days post op now. No pain at all and I'm not on pain killers. I stopped them at day 3 post op. I was terrified at first, but everyone was so reassuring and they took the time to explain the whole procedure to me from the nurse to the anesthetic to the surgeon. I went in the theater, I laid down and the only thing I remember was the nurse telling me to more

Avatar Unisex

I had the best surgical and post operative experience with the Persona Med- Aesthetic Centre in Malta. The results are what you ultimately go for and I could not be more pleased – I have the exact boobs that I asked for, and felt fully supported and guided through the consultation process by my wonderful surgeon Duncan Aquilina. The standard of care, perfectionism and attention to detail were all first class and beyond what I would have imagined. The whole surgical team were caring, reassuring and extremely professional, the clinic clearly adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort and hygiene. There more

Avatar Unisex

I am currently in my 8th week, since my operation at Persona Clinic, I received  great service given by Dr. D. Aquilina, his assistant and the rest of the staff. My experience during this treatment: I entered the clinic at 7am and I was already in the operation room by 7:30am, the staff were very welcoming and really helpful.  All in all, the service from beginning to end, was fantastic and I am extremely happy with the results. I would like to give courage to other people who wish to make an operation like this, not to be afraid. To conclude more

Avatar Unisex

"Back in October 2014 , I had an occasion to be operated on at Persona. It is an incredible centre of excellence. Everyone was so kind to me, I could not single out one person in particuler who treated me better than anyone else. It was very apparent that they work as a team. When you walk in you are immediately aware of the serenity and cleanliness. The ambience is superb, and it does not have the sense or feeling of being "clinical". There is soft music playing in the background, and you are greeted by at least two more

Avatar Unisex

"The whole package was excellent. First class service and price. A real personal touch from the Doctors and Nurses alike. If you are going to Malta for any operation then look no further."* - October 2014

Avatar Unisex

"Was recommended to stop smoking and am working on it. Was recommended some creams and using them. Dr Aquilina was very professional and to be recommended. Thank you."*  - October 2014

Avatar Unisex

"The service was excellent and the price was fairly reasonable for how they received me."*  - September 2014

Avatar Unisex

"My appointment was urgent and on that particular date there was no dermatologist available but I still thank the person that contacted me because she helped me the best possible way she could. Thanks!"*  - September 2013

Avatar Unisex

Very pleased with the friendly and informed staff. The results were wonderful and the price was competitive.*  - March 2012

Avatar Unisex

Travelled from the UK to Malta for lower blepharoplasty. Fantastic surgeon, results are far beyond my expectations, price as quoted, highly recommended. Brilliant experience would not hesitate to use again.*  - March 2012

Avatar Unisex

In this clinic the customer always comes first. The staff is very welcome and friendly. I did some services here and was really happy with the result. Also the spa is always clean and smells fresh, it has a very relaxing atmosphere.  - April 2014

Avatar Unisex

Did smoothshapes, and saw positive results..Also, fantastic laser. Really good doctors!! 🙂  - May 2014

Avatar Unisex

Went for a massage after I had some problems in my upper back for a couple of weeks and I was amazed by the results. A combination of massage-therapy and acupuncture proved to be very effective for pain relief and long-lasting relaxing effects on my back. I highly recommend this service for people who want to be in professional 'hands'! - May 2014

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New: Phyto Corrective Masque

New: Phyto Corrective Masque

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NEW: H.A. Intensifier

NEW: H.A. Intensifier

Firmness Fortified. Smoothness Redefined. Plumpness Renewed. Introducing SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier, a corrective serum that amplifies the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by 30%. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a large-chain polysaccharide found…

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Now You Can Find Us On LinkedIn

Now you can find us on LinkedIn

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New Laser Hair Removal Doctor Joins Persona Team

New Laser Hair Removal doctor joins Persona Team

Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre welcomes Dr. Kristina Cassar to the team. Dr. Kristina will join our experience doctor team, providing popular Laser Hair Removal treatments. Adding a new laser doctor to…

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Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Restoration

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

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Rejuvenation Event Inner Wheel

Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre organised an afternoon talk for Inner Wheel (Malta) Club members titled “Facial Rejuvenation Solutions” on the 26th of April at the Intercontinental Hotel, Malta. Mr. Matthew Borg…

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