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Visia In-Depth Skin Analysis

The Visia In-Depth skin analysis process is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to provide individuals with a highly advanced diagnoses of the condition of your skin. Through the use of imaging techniques, the technology is able to capture in-depth images of your skin. This multi-spectral process is then able to determine the best course of facial treatment for your individual skin. If you are looking to ascertain the most appropriate strategy for your skin related concerns, then we would suggest reading the Visia in-depth skin analysis works.

Performed By

Skin Care Specialist


The procedure takes 30 minutes


Canfield VISIA® Skin Analysis System


Prices start from €30

What is a Visia in-depth skin analysis?

In a nut shell, the overarching purpose of a skin analysis is to ascertain your underlying skin type and history. This potentially is one of the most important steps in the end-to-end skin care journey, not least because it is required to get a unique understanding of your specific skin needs. On the contrary, simply applying a ‘Trial and Error’ based approach to your skin treatment might not only result in a non-effective outcome, but perhaps most importantly, it could cause your skin further complications.

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When you undergo the Visia skin analysis, the procedure will yield highly accurate results pertaining to your skin type, your existing skin conditions and ultimately, the best treatment plan. This can include the likes of chemical peels, IPL or laser resurfacing. Specific treatments can also include micro needling or a HydraFacial.

The Visia skin analysis is also fundamental for a specific treatment that you already have in mind. For example, if you are planning to undergo a dermal filler or Botox treatment, then it is highly advised to first engage in the Visia skin analysis procedure. This will also ensure that the specific treatment required is facilitated in the best manner possible.

Whilst highly trained dermatologists are able to diagnose a range of skin issues from the naked eye, it is important to note that diagnoses are significantly less detailed than that of a Visia skin analysis.

For example, a Visia skin analysis is fully supported by a range of technical innovations, including but not limited to image-capturing systems and RBX technology. Not only this, but the technology also consists of multi-point positions, which is enhanced by medical-grade computer analysis. In order to obtain, record and measure the subsurface of your skin, the Visia skin analysis technology also utilises ultra-violet and cross-polarised imagery, alongside conventional Red-Green-Blue (RGB) photography.

Visia In Depth Skin Analysis

Get the most accurate, cutting-edge analysis of your skin

How does the Visia skin analysis procedure work?

When you first arrive at the practice for your Visia skin analysis, the skin specialist will initially cleanse your skin. This is to ensure that the technology is able to obtain the most precise of images. The technology will then take three individual photos of your skin, which is facilitated in 30 second intervals. The imagery process is not only painless, but it is also ultra-fast.

Once the technology has taken the required photographs, the highly trained skin specialist will then analyse the results. This will include the normalcy of your skin, and how it compares to other results of the same skin type and age. The skin expert will also be able to ascertain what skin conditions you currently face, from the results of the imagery procedure.

Next, the skin specialist will be able to generate a tailor-made, bespoke treatment plan for your individual needs. The great thing about the technology is that throughout your skin care journey, multiple repeat imagery visits can be initiated. The key reason for this is to allow the skin specialists to analyse your reaction to the treatment, to a highly advanced standard.

What type of skin issues will the Visia skin analysis aim to diagnose?


What type of skin issues will the Visia skin analysis aim to diagnose?

Due to the highly advanced capabilities of the Visia technology, the underlying skin analysis process is able to assess a vast number of skin concerns. For example, an in-depth Visia imagery session can yield advanced results pertaining to visible spots, especially on the face. This can conclude age spots and blemishes. If you are developing brown spots, this can be linked to hyperpigmentation, moles or melisma under the eyes.

The Visia technology will be able to clarify this in greater detail. On top of this, an in-depth Visia skin analysis can also provide further diagnoses on pores, UV spots and porphyrin, which are natural bacterial that can be found in pores. Interestingly, the Visia skin analysis is also suitable for analysing wrinkles. This will allow the individual to ascertain the best course of treatment for aging wrinkles, regardless of the depth or location of them.

Ultimately, whilst trained dermatologists will be able to suggest a course of treatment to alleviate your skin concerns, a physical examination is significantly less effective than what the Visia technology can yield. As such, it is well worth considering a medical-grade imagery test to get the most accurate, cutting-edge analysis of your skin.


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