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All About You

We understand that the available options for aesthetic, cosmetic and med-aesthetic procedures can be overwhelming sometimes, especially since the international and local market is constantly growing and developing, hence it becomes very difficult to make a well-informed and safe choice. We also understand that your needs are different than those of someone with another skin type or with a different medical history.

To help you make a more informed decision we’ve dedicated this page to providing some of the essential, thoroughly researched information about most popular services in the field. In order to make your experience and the outcome as positive as possible, we strongly believe in helping our clients and patients understand their choices. If you have any questions or concerns that are not mentioned below, our knowledgeable staff will always be there to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here you’ll find an overview of common questions regarding specific services.


Why is Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre unique?

We understand that to achieve great results, you must use the latest technology and have it applied by the best specialists. Every client wants to see outstanding results, so it is vital to use state of the art technology, employ leading doctors & therapists and utilize only best practice methodologies and products to achieve exceptional results.

Where is Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre situated?

The clinic is conveniently located in Ta’ Xbiex, with easy access from both the Valletta area and the Sliema/St Julians area. Click on contact for more detailed information.

Who will be treating me?

Treatments are performed by qualified & experienced Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Surgeons, Doctors, Physiotherapists & Nurses.

What aftercare do you offer?

We offer full aftercare for all of our procedures. Since we offer such a wide range of services and employ specialists in many different medical fields, our clinic is truly a one-stop-centre.

Where will my surgery take place?

The surgery will take place at Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre. We opened our second operating theatre in 2014 and this can handle even the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures. We also offer 2 comfortable recovery rooms, including single rooms, for our clients that need to stay overnight or just need some time to recover from their interventions.

Are any procedures unsafe when I am pregnant?

Unfortunately there are some procedures we won’t be able to perform because of safety reasons – mainly procedures that involve IPL, laser, and injectables. Always discuss any health related matters with your specialist before starting any treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Am I a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women seek laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair. Hair removal is commonly done on most areas of the body with the exception of the area around the eyes. Laser technology works by targeting melanin, the dark pigment in hair. Therefore, it works best on darker hair and pale skin.

How many treatments will I need?

In order to achieve optimal results usually 6-8 treatments are required. These treatments need to be spaced apart by 6-12 weeks depending on the area treated. The time between treatments is dictated by the growth cycle of the hair. For instance facial hair has a much shorter growth cycle than body hair, so if laser is done on the upper lip the treatments can take place with less time in between.

What do I need to do to prepare for a laser treatment?

A couple of things are important to keep in mind. First of all, you should refrain from removing hair by its roots for at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled laser treatment. This means no waxing, plucking or epilating. In order for the laser to work, the hair follicle needs to be intact. Secondly, the area that is going to be treated should be shaven 1 day prior to the laser session.


Is SmoothShapes™ safe?

Yes. SmoothShapes™ is an FDA-approved treatment for cellulite reduction. There will be no permanent change to your body. As with all cellulite treatments, the effects will only last temporarily.

What can I expect during a SmoothShapes™ treatment?

Your SmoothShapes™ session will be a mostly comfortable experience. You will be treated while lying down on a massage table. Your SmoothShapes™ professional will treat the area with laser and light energy, and a suction massage. This will be a comfortable sensation for most since it feels like a warming deep tissue massage.

Which part of my body can benefit from SmoothShapes™?

SmoothShapes™ can be used anywhere on the body, although it is most frequently used to treat cellulite on the hips, buttocks, stomach, and thighs.

Laser Vein Treatment

What is laser vein treatment and what can it do for me?

Laser treatment for veins can be beneficial for various conditions such as spider (thread) veins, broken veins, thinner varicose veins, and rosacea. The laser is a focused beam of light, producing heat that damages the vein, causing it to produce scar tissue. This scar tissue closes the vein and the vein loses its blood supply and subsequently fades away.

What can I expect after treatment?

The first couple of hours after the treatment you could expect some redness in the treated area. Direct sunlight should be avoided and we recommend the use of SPF 50+ sunscreen especially when the treatment was performed on facial or other exposed body areas.

Will the treatment be uncomfortable?

There will be very little discomfort during and after the treatment. Light discomfort might occur in specific cases especially when the particular veins are a bit deeper under the skin.

How many treatments will I need? Is treatment permanent?

A couple of treatment sessions are usually sufficient. While the veins treated will not reappear, other new spider veins might appear in the same areas and will need to be treated.


What is sclerotherapy and will it work for me?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to eliminate spider veins and varicose veins by injecting a specific solution into the vein. The solution will cause the blood vessel to swell and the blood to clot turning the vessel into scar tissue over time. This way the vessel won’t be visible anymore.
If you’re pregnant we can’t perform sclerotherapy. Likewise, in cases of more serious underlying heart conditions, our specialist will assess if you’re a suitable candidate for this kind of treatment or not.

Can I exercise after treatment?

You should avoid intense activities that put pressure on the treated area (like heavy lifting or jogging) for a few days. On the other hand, walking around and light exercise that stimulates blood circulation are encouraged.

Acne Treatments

Which acne do you treat?

We treat both active acne and acne scars, however, these require a different treatment plan. Active acne is treatable with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) with PDT and usually 1-3 treatments are recommended. For acne scar reduction we use the Affirm Fractional Laser which stimulates collagen production in the underlying layers of the skin. Here we recommend 5-6 sessions for achieving optimal results.

Will I get rid of my active acne permanently?

IPL treatment with PDT for active acne gives excellent long term results. Our consultant dermatologists will advise you on outcomes which depend on the type and severity of your acne.


How does Botox® work?

Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum toxin A, a substance that makes muscles relax. The injected muscle can’t contract anymore since Botox® blocks the signals from the nerves and so the expression lines and wrinkles associated with this muscle will disappear. Botox® injections will only work on wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, such as frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Wrinkles caused by sun damage and natural ageing will not respond to Botox®.

How long will a Botox® treatment last?

Performed correctly by one of our specialists the effects of Botox® will on average last 4-6 months. Over time your body will produce new receptors and neurotransmitters that will cause your muscles to contract again.

What are the side effects of Botox®?

Most commonly there can be some temporary bruising. Also, in rare cases, a headache can occur that will last from 24 to 48 hours.

Restylane® Fillers

What are fillers and what can they do for me?

Dermal Fillers are used for various purposes such as softening of folds and wrinkles, enhancement of shallow contours, and the plumping of thin lips. The Restylane® fillers we use are a gel based on Hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that exists naturally in your body. The gel is injected into the skin through a needle or cannula.

Are the dermal fillers you use safe?

We only use Restylane® fillers since they are the most tried and tested HA dermal filler available today. Over 20 millions treatments have been performed worldwide since 1996. Performed by one of our highly experienced specialists it is a very safe procedure with minimal risks.

Who will be treating me for dermal fillers?

At Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre your dermal filler injections will always be carried out by a fully qualified surgeon or plastic surgeon.

Breast Surgery

Are breast implants safe?

Yes, even though we do understand your concern. Your surgeon will talk to you in more detail about the breast implants to be used in your procedure. Please rest assured that we only use the most stringently tested products available. All come with our own 10-year warranty against rupture and capsular contracture and the Manufacturers’ 10 Year Warranty for the same.

Is it OK to have a breast uplift with my breast enlargement?

Your surgeon may recommend an uplift to achieve your desired result. This is often the case with breasts that droop and have lost a lot of volume. All women have different needs, and a discussion of your expectations during the consultation, will help you and your surgeon determine which approach will work best for you.


What is the difference between SmartLipo™ and liposuction?

The biggest difference between the two methods of fat removal is that SmartLipo™ uses a high energy laser to emulsify and destroy fat cells. The fat is then drained using a special suction cannula. Traditional liposuction works by inserting a hollow metal cannula into the fat and by applying suction to remove it. Essentially, SmartLipo™ (or Laser Lipo) breaks down the fat using the laser’s heat whilst liposuction is the actual removal of the fat using suction.

What will work best for me?

Both of these methods can be used and can even be used complementarily. Primarily Smartlipo ™ is indicated for small areas of localised fat and is performed using local anaesthetic. Liposuction can remove large volumes of fat from various areas and usually requires general aneasthetic. Our plastic surgeons will discuss the solutions that best meet your needs during your consultation.

Common Misconceptions

Over the years some aspects of aesthetic enhancement procedures have gathered excess publicity, thereby creating a number of misconceptions amongst the general public. A couple of factors have contributed to this. First of all, these type of procedures are relatively new and advances are made constantly. Many of the stigmas and misconceptions rest on, at times, out-dated information. Secondly, the media has always thrived on the most ‘extreme’ outcomes, for sensational purposes, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. This has created an overall perception of aesthetic enhancement that is not a fair representation of the industry, that in most cases is ethical and professional.

To address some of the most common public misconceptions, we would like to provide you with some information to give you a better understanding of what we do and what we can do for you. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

IPL and Laser Hair Removal give similar results

To point out the most obvious difference between the two procedures it needs to be made clear that IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. So IPL uses a light based device whereas Laser Hair Removal uses a laser based device. The goal of both technologies is however the same: to destroy the hair follicles.

Both technologies also require a difference between the skin colour and the hair colour, where the hair is darker so it can absorb the heat energy of the light/laser. How both technologies target this colour difference is very important in understanding how both technologies work and differ from each other.

Lasers use a specific (adjustable) wavelength to selectively target melanin, the coloured pigment holding the dark matter. This allows the laser to deeply penetrate the target without being absorbed by surrounding tissue making laser nearly 100% effective in reducing hair.

IPL was originally developed to treat skin imperfections (darker spots on the skin) and hair-loss was a side effect. IPL uses a wide range of wavelengths from 500 – 1000 nm to target anything dark. It doesn’t have the ability to differentiate between different coloured pigments like laser does.

IPL has many applications, but for hair reduction we prefer to use Laser Hair Removal for a number of reasons:
• LHR is more effective and fewer treatments are needed
• LHR is more precise and has less harmful effects on the surrounding skin
• Laser settings can be adjusted to a specific skin tone and hair colour to achieve exceptional results

The machine is more important than the specialist treating you

Over the years the popularity of non-invasive cosmetic services has grown dramatically. Also the number of manufacturers and the different machines to assist in these procedures has seen a huge increase. And all of them claim that their product is better than the rest.

Some of them are very good, some aren’t so good. Just like there are very good surgeons and not so good surgeons. The right tools in the right hands – that’s what counts.

At Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre we understand that only a combination of both a top-of-the-line machine and a highly capable medical professional will result in the best possible outcome for our clients.

Aesthetic procedures are only for women

There are a lot of procedures that are designed for both men and women. Over the years men are rapidly becoming larger part of our clientele. Non-invasive treatments like Laser Hair Removal and treatments that combat the effects of ageing like rejuvenating laser, Botox® and Restylane® fillers are steadily gaining in popularity among men.

A number of cosmetic surgery procedures are also ideal for men. Liposuction and rhinoplasty have always been amongst the most popular male procedures. Currently Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) ops are growing fast in numbers. This procedure involves the removal of tissue, skin, and sometimes fat to give the male chest a leaner look.

Botox® will reduce my ability to control my facial expressions

Botox® will not change or impair your ability to use facial expressions over time. First of all, the effects of Botox® will only last for up to 4-6 months. So there will be no permanent change in how your facial muscles work.

There are however areas that should be avoided in some patients. Apart from general over-use of Botox®, some areas that express many important emotions should be treated with absolute care.

For this, and many other reasons, we always point out the importance of choosing a very capable surgeon who knows exactly what effect the Botox® will have.

Liposuction and SmartLipo™ are effective procedures to lose weight

This is not the case. The maximum amount of fat that can be removed in 1 procedure is around 5 kilos. If a person is overweight, a change in lifestyle, ie. diet & exercise, is always necessary to get rid of excess fat. On the other hand, liposuction can target fat from specific areas of the body where it accumulates, such as the tummy, thighs and love handles that cannot be removed by diet and exercise alone.

Breast augmentation is a one-time procedure

Breast implants usually have a limited lifespan of between 10 to 15 years depending on the type and brand. This does not mean that the implants will have to come out and be replaced. Depending on the person the implant may last much longer. But, as time passes, environmental impact and genetics will take their toll and another surgery might be required.


For most people prevention is always preferable to correction. A couple of ways to stay on top of this is to keep the following tips in mind.

See a dermatologist regularly for examination of your moles or other damage present on your skin. Some of them might be early indicators of skin cancer and the sooner you discover them, the easier it becomes to take appropriate action.

The best way to prevent the skin from ageing prematurely and to limit the risk of skin cancer is to avoid strong sunlight. And if you are going to be outdoors, use a skincare regimen that suits your needs and don’t forget to apply both a potent topical antioxidant and a broad-spectrum water resistant SPF 50+ sunscreen daily.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle that combines regular exercise with a balanced diet that contains a wide range of micronutrients and antioxidants. Also, make sure to drink enough water (2-4 liters depending on activity level and climate) since dehydration is a major factor in the formation of wrinkles and the decrease of your skins elasticity.

Use a good daily moisturizer and sun screen. In sunny climates besides sunscreen its key to consider adding a topical antioxidant to your daily skin care regimen. Products that boost your hydration like the Hyaluronic Acid containing Hydrating B5 from SkinCeuticals can be very beneficial.


At Persona, we are committed to provide you with the best quality care and service possible. Part of this commitment is understanding how we can continue improving areas where our service is strong whilst also developing further those areas where our service still needs further improvement.