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Dermal Pen Micro Needling

A technology that has been producing excellent results in recent years is Dermal Pen Microneedling, which is a significant improvement upon the older “Dermaroller” techniques. The procedure is based on the principle of collagen induction therapy, whereby a series of…

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Back Acne & Treatments

Bacne - referring to acne on the back, is a quite common form of acne, especially among men. Due to the over-active sebaceous glands on our backs, combined with some lifestyle causes, men are prone to this seemingly difficult form…

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New: High Frequency Treatments

Most of our clients don’t associate the term “high frequency” with aesthetics. Sure, they associate the word with computers, wifi, medical terminology, etc, but it’s a rare client who has heard of, or experienced, a high frequency treatment during a…

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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

For men and women who are losing hair the experience can be frustrating. The association of a full head of hair with youth and vitality has left many people searching for a solution that truly works and which does not…

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Dear Clients,


As we’re all enjoying some well-deserved time of to spend with our families during the holidays, we’d like to advise you of our revised opening hours during the festive season.


Closed between Monday 23rd December and Wednesday 26th December


Open normally between Thursday 27th December and Saturday 29th December


Closed between Monday 31st December and Wednesday 2nd January


Persona Team