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breast surgery 101

The Lowdown on Breast Surgery

Women seek breast surgery for a wide variety of reasons that include a desire for larger, fuller breasts, more balanced body proportions, a more aesthetic shape, to restore symmetry after pregnancy or weight loss, or simply to increase their confidence…

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Dermal Pen Micro Needling

A technology that has been producing excellent results in recent years is Dermal Pen Microneedling, which is a significant improvement upon the older “Dermaroller” techniques. The procedure is based on the principle of collagen induction therapy, whereby a series of…

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Back Acne & Treatments

Bacne - referring to acne on the back, is a quite common form of acne, especially among men. Due to the over-active sebaceous glands on our backs, combined with some lifestyle causes, men are prone to this seemingly difficult form…

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New: High Frequency Treatments

Most of our clients don’t associate the term “high frequency” with aesthetics. Sure, they associate the word with computers, wifi, medical terminology, etc, but it’s a rare client who has heard of, or experienced, a high frequency treatment during a…

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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Restoration

For men and women who are losing hair the experience can be frustrating. The association of a full head of hair with youth and vitality has left many people searching for a solution that truly works and which does not…

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