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Dermatology Services

Our centre houses a full-service dermatology practice with a special emphasis on aesthetic dermatological treatments but not only. As a private centre we offer our clients the option to receive the best care in dermatology in a service-oriented environment and without the long waits.


At Persona you’ll find Malta’s most experienced & highly qualified dermatologists.


We use the latest technology and innovations to effectively treat a wider range of conditions.


Our client satisfaction is among the highest in the industry.

Complete Range

Apart from cosmetic dermatology, our dermatologists can treat a wide variety of skin conditions.


We offer regular consultation hours with Malta’s top consultant dermatologists, in case you have any concerns about your skin and need an expert to take a closer look. Additionally our dermatologists are trained in treating a wide variety of skin-related conditions; from IPL treatments for rosacea and broken veins, to laser for acne scars not to mention skin surgery for moles, warts, and other lumps and bumps.

Laser & Light

IPL for Pigmentation
IPL for rosacea & broken veins
IPL for Vacular Lesions
IPL for acne
Affirm laser for acne scars
Affrim laser for stretch marks

GU Clinic

STI Screening

Other Dermatology

Dermatologist Consultation
In-depth Skin analysis
Skin Cancer Screening
Scar Reducing Injections
Spots, moles & wart removal
Freckle Reduction
Excessive Sweating
Chemical peels
Hair Loss Solutions

Plastic Surgery

Dermatology in a service-oriented environment and without the long waits

All You Need to Know

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here you’ll find an overview of common questions regarding specific services.

Acne Treatments

Which acne do you treat?

We treat both active acne and acne scars, however, these require a different treatment plan. Active acne is treatable with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) with PDT and usually 1-3 treatments are recommended. For acne scar reduction we use the Affirm Fractional Laser which stimulates collagen production in the underlying layers of the skin. Here we recommend 5-6 sessions for achieving optimal results.

Will I get rid of my active acne permanently?

IPL treatment with PDT for active acne gives excellent long term results. Our consultant dermatologists will advise you on outcomes which depend on the type and severity of your acne.

Machine vs Specialist

Over the years the popularity of non-invasive cosmetic services has grown dramatically. Also the number of manufacturers and the different machines to assist in these procedures has seen a huge increase. And all of them claim that their product is better than the rest.

Some of them are very good, some aren’t so good. Just like there are very good surgeons and not so good surgeons. The right tools in the right hands – that’s what counts.

At Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre we understand that only a combination of both a top-of-the-line machine and a highly capable medical professional will result in the best possible outcome for our clients.


I had a Maxillofacial procedure done by Dr. Clarence Pace - cannot recommend him enough for his help and professionalism! Thank you Persona Clinic - an exceptional professional clinic which I highly endorse!  

I can't thank enough Mr. Duncan Aquilina for the special, excellent care that he provided and for the unique gift you are to your patients. I am blessed that you were my plastic surgeon ,I…>

I truly recommend Persona clinic, everyone in the clinic is super nice and friendly, very clean and comfortable room too. I had a Maxillofacial done by Dr. Clarence Pace, and I cannot put into words…>