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Neck Lift

A neck lift is one of the lesser-known cosmetic procedures, and yet it is also one of the procedures that makes the biggest difference to someone’s overall appearance. Your neck is one of the first places that ageing begins to show and even the most youthful face will be let down by sagging skin on the neck. A neck lift is not just a procedure for removing unwanted skin, it can actually revitalise your whole appearance.

Performed By

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon


A neck lift will affect both neck & jawline area

Recovery Time

One day procedure, recovery at home takes around 2 weeks


Prices start from €5000


A slim, graceful neck has been desired by women for thousands of years and yet unfortunately, our lifestyle can sometimes prevent this. Whilst genetics dictate what happens with our skin to an extent, there are also outside influences which can affect it. As far as the neck is concerned sun damage, extreme weight loss and the so-called ‘smartphone effect’ can all have a negative impact on the neck. The ‘smartphone effect’ was named after doctors discovered that people are spending far more time looking down at screens than ever before and this is creating looser skin around the neck and jawline.

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This procedure is advised in cases where the neck skin has lost elasticity due to age or outside factors and it sags, or when there is simply excess skin or fat. If you want a clear, defined jawline then a neck lift is certainly something that you should consider.

A non-invasive neck lift (also known as a ‘Nerfertiti’ lift after the Egyptian queen famous for her swan-like neck) is an easy procedure to carry out. However it must always be performed by a medical professional because the muscles that are being treated are the ones which control the vital functions of swallowing and talking.

There are bands of muscle around the jawline which pull the skin down, plus muscles which pull the corners of the mouth down and in a non-invasive neck lift 20-40 tiny Botox injections are administered in the lower jaw and neck. It takes around 15 minutes, the results appear within seven days and last for about four months. The effect of the muscles causing the problem can be reduced by up to 70%.

neck lift

A slim, graceful neck has been desired by women for thousands of years

All You Need to Know

A non-invasive neck lift will have several effects:

  • Re-contour the jaw line. The re-adjusted skin will sit much closer to the jawline, meaning that it has a fresher look.
  • It will accentuate cheekbones. Every woman longs for glamorous cheekbones and tightening the skin around the jawline will help achieve this.
  • A younger-looking face will be restored. Now the skin on the face and the neck will be the same, which will give a much more youthful overall appearance.

There are other non-invasive ways of lifting the skin around the neck and one is a procedure known as thermage. This is where radio waves tighten the loose and sagging skin by heating the deeper layers of skin which stimulates collagen production and has a plumping effect.

How do I know if I'm a suitable candidate?

Virtually everybody is suitable for a non-invasive neck lift. Because there is no surgery or anaesthesia involved, it is a perfectly safe treatment.

Will it be painful?

The Botox injections will feel like little pricks on the skin and there may be a slight discomfort in the area whilst the neck lift is carried out, but it will not be painful.

What happens afterwards?

Afterwards, you will be able to leave the clinic at once and resume your normal life. Unless however it has been your first Botox treatment in which case we recommend bringing a friend or partner along with you.

This is a perfectly safe, and eminently successful, procedure for those who want a slim, graceful neck.


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